Article: Sitting and Standing at Work

There seems to be a fashion lately for standing work stations to replace chairs at regular height desks. There are issues with standing work stations as well, as outlined by the Cornell University ergonomics lab. 

A clear and concise summary of the current research and worth reading. 

Sitting and Standing at Work

But, standing to work has long known to be problematic, it is more tiring, it dramatically increases the risks of carotid atherosclerosis (ninefold) because of the additional load on the circulatory system, and it also increases the risks of varicose veins, so standing all day is unhealthy. The performance of many fine motor skills also is less good when people stand rather than sit.


The British Osteopathic Association has an app available in the UK iTunes store!

CPD for Osteopaths – a great freebie

A great initiative from Osteo Professional.

CPD for Osteopaths

Free Interview

We’ve got some more FREE CPD for you at  This time it’s a rare one hour module with Professor Nikolai Bogduk.

Nic Lucas and Rob Moran recently had the opportunity to spend some time talking with Professor Bogduk about:

his 30 year career in pain medicine, and
his thoughts on sub-grouping patients with low back pain,
clinical prediction rules,
the acute back pain patient, and
what to do with those patients who just don’t fit the research ‘mold’.

Tanning Can Cause Cancer, but Not Tanning Could Cause a Lot Worse

Vitamin D levels are important for bone health, that at least has been established for decades.  Osteopaths are concerned about bone density in their patients but the ramifications of low vitamin D levels are far broader, as this article outlines.

Many researchers now fear that the explosive increase in autism is a result of pregnant mothers having close to no vitamin D in their bodies and then young babies and infants being similarly shielded from the Sun. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says that virtually no infants are getting enough vitamin D. The inadequacy figures, even using the CDC’s pre-2011 lower recommendations of what they thought the body should have, was that 90 percent of infants are deficient. 
Tanning Can Cause Cancer, but Not Tanning Could Cause a Lot Worse [Health]

Osteopathic regulation – Time to point at the GOsC’s new clothes …

Australia’s new framework for osteopathic regulation gets a mention in this article regarding the apparent failure of UK osteopathic governing bodies to transition over time.

Osteopathic regulation – Time to point at the GOsC’s new clothes …

National regulation of osteopathy in Australia has a shorter history than in the UK, yet the profession there is deemed mature enough to be able to develop itself.  A comparison of the approach towards osteopathy in Australia with that taken here is clear from a look at the websites of their regulator ( (itself a part of a group regulator equivalent to HPC: and professional association (  Why is the UK profession deemed by GOsC not to be mature enough to develop itself whilst the Australian profession, with its shorter national regulatory history, is?  The answer is self-protectionism by the GOsC gravy-train, and we need to wake up to it and move to a regulator that will permit our profession to determine its own, best future.

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